Trying to look for right person to fit in your best team? Fed up of time consuming and tiring process of looking for right candidates, interviews processes? Why not try “Speedyeagle” for manpower issues…Let us join hands with you!!!

Even the most complicated things can be handled in a really easy manner with proficiency when Speedyeagle enters the scenario. We deliver the best candidates for the job with the years of experience and passion for the people behind our team. Our massive pool of candidates coupled with a sound business attitude ensures the placement of perfect candidates at the right job.

Doesn’t matter whether are you looking for manpower or for a next leap in your career race, ours’ experienced consultants are always here to help you to give you the best you deserve.
Service Support for Clients:
Understanding the requirement and nature of business:
Meeting the clients prior to any interview arrangements so that we can ensure the  best person suited for the job can be placed.
Choosing the right Man for Job:
This is taking into deliberation a range of deciding factors, including their academic qualifications, and also their job expectations.
Source and stringent selection of candidates as per the client requirement.
We select the ideal candidates with our professional experience in the field who fits in the requirements of our clients
Proposing the right candidate:
Only after going through all above process, candidate is proposed to the client.
Making arrangements for the interviews with liaising client and the candidate.
Application process:
Completing the job of the assessing quota and documentation for the filing pass application.
Support for Work permit, work pass, S Pass, EP online, Manual Applications  which also includes service for PRC work permits.
“After sales service”:
This includes the consultation and the counseling of the prevailing issues between the client and the candidate with proficiency.
Client Benefits:
Guarantee of quality and service with competitive fee.
Saves time, effort, workload of the clients HR and Admin in the recruitment process.
Service of one to one replacement during the period of employment contract.
Our Divisions:
Industrial and Engineering:   Administrative:   Restaurants   Information technology:
Drivers/ Technicians
General workers
Admin assistant
Account assistant/ executive
Drafts person
Marketing/ sales person
Customer service
Sales coordinators
Kitchen helpers
F&B staff
Hardware trained
Software trained
Office staff
Networking staff
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